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I don't understand LJ, but ok..
Hm.. so I had a well strange dream today, that's what you get for sleeping over 14 hours! booyah! ;D It was sort of a mashup between something you'd see on the Disney channel and Game of Thrones, yeah, people ended up dying so it did turn into a nightmare D=

This is just a recollection of memories so I won't forget in the future. A bit random...but I don't know where else to put it, so hi LJ!

From what I remember, it started off with the gang (Rob stark, Theon, Bran and some of the other male cast) and I using our superhuman ability of speed to swim across the Atlantic Ocean LOL. It was paradise, the ocean was clear blue and the sky was all misty. But the water was so shallow, like the height of a paddling pool. When I stood up, the water could only reach knee length, at least I wouldn't drown :D Eventually, we reached the island ~ it ended up to be Disneyland (wtf). Princess Peace came to greet us, but Rob, Theon and I sneaked off up to later find that it was just a mirage of what we wanted it to be, instead, it was actually just a set of ruins opening the gateway to the Game of Thrones. Rob and Theon managed to bypass the two guards who were protecting the entrance (and entered into another dimension), which left just me on the other side. Unluckily, I got caught. But, Theon came back to save me...but the fight ended with a spear piercing through the the two guards and Theon from behind...how on earth? It was probably me who did it, since I was the only other person there. So, Theon died trying to save me and I pretty much killed him! Well...I never really liked Theon's character anyway so it didn't really phase me, I just carried on walking ahead into the other dimension. This whole incident caused the 'Game of Thrones' (the name of the dimension) to go on red alert. Due to the guards being killed, I triggered a whole war between this dimension and the North (because that's where we were from, somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean (England) )...which caused Rob and I to go on the run.

***By this point, I got woken up by my phone~ so I've forgotten the action scenes that happened in between.***

....Due to those action scenes, Rob became a wanted criminal. Most of it was because he had to murder people to save me. So it was my fault again, for being a wimp. Sorry Rob. Anyways, we bumped into Bran - who was now disabled, earlier he had legs! We found out that Princess Peach was the executioner who was going to kill Rob, she already cut off Bran's legs.... :'( (that's what happens when you leave little kids with strangers)...Later, Bran gave us these invisibility pills which helped us sneak us down this alleyway where these guards were patrolling, at the end, we entered this tiny hut. Inside, we met this old lady ( the lady from GoT ep 1 brushing Sansa's hair, she's a real sweet lady ;) ). It turned out that she was a witch, she used black magic to help Rob escape this dimension undetected so he could return to the North. Unfortunately, her powers weren't strong enough to rescue me as well. I wasn't important enough to be saved :'(.

***Jump scenes, I'm now in the witch's POV***

I was chilling in this Witch House, 50 flights of stairs with no flooring (all the witches were levitating) and there was an open roof. There was a knock on the door, and it was the evil people (who were in charge of the dimension) demanding to find the traitor witch who helped Rob escape. That was me. However, it was a trick. They shot down all the witches that flew out the roof with lightning bolts, because they knew we were trying to escape (either because we helped Rob, or we were wanted criminals for other acts of treason). I was one of the witches who were shot down. So I tried to warn Rob through my telepathic skills that he was in danger, but the evil people used magic to enter my mind so they now knew where to track Rob. Oops! That was my fault again, sorry Rob! They sucked my magic out, but before I died ~ the scene changed.

***Jump scenes***

I was running down this narrow, underground (below the Atlantic ocean) forest trail with Rob and the rest of the crew with Bran limping behind us (even though he was disabled?!!). An army of those evil people were chasing us to stop us escaping the dimension to return back to the North..and yeah I cba to finish this, but to sum it up:

- They were attacking us with deathly bolts of magic
- I used my magic guard to shield us from attacks, but I was too weak since my magic had been drained earlier. This led to each crew member to die one-by-one behind us, it turned into a massacre since there were so many of us. Luckily, Rob survived as he was ahead of us. :/
- Rob finally outsmarted them by leaping into another path, so they wouldn't notice the both of us as they passed by. But, I stepped on a twig so they found us.

Blablabla... I woke up. The end.

The dream was actually worse than this, but I'm too lazy to go into the gruesome details. It was pretty scary, there was so much bloodshed. It was the first nightmare I've had in ages. :D


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